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Power School programs are designed to address specific needs of refugee, immigrant, and asylee families. The goal is to give these students the added support to be life-long learners and contributing citizens by capitalizing on the many skills and talents they already have (many of these students are trilingual, for example). Curriculum support is designed to provide resources for children of moderate economic means while helping ELLs (English Language Learners) gain English fluency, solidify academic gains and develop social skills in a fun, low-pressure learning environment.



All of our subjects focus on English fluency. Whether studying reading, history, science, or math, students must develop strong vocabulary and comprehension skills to understand the concepts presented.

We promote STEM studies. In order to interest students in STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), we have started a program to introduce computer science and robotics. We try to maintain on staff a teacher who specializes in science, engineering and/or technology, to teach these subjects.

Multimedia storytelling is used to empower immigrant youth and encourage investigative and creative learning. Youth participants explore their own personal cultures, interests, families, and life experiences to create short digital stories which can then be shared with the greater Westbrook/Portland communities.

Communicating with parents, daytime teachers, and volunteers is key to providing holistic, individualized programming for our students. Students who attend our afterschool and summer school arrive with many different levels of ability. Some have lived in the United States for several years, while some have arrived only in recent months. We utilize volunteers to provide one on one tutoring for those needing the most intensive instruction.


Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) standards ensure that students remain safe, focused, and happy. Students gain a better understanding of their place within American culture, how to succeed in education and employment, and to develop as tomorrow's leaders.


Along with academics, the school offers opportunities for exercise, sports, and recreation. Students are encouraged to work on arts and crafts projects to support their studies or skills as budding artists. Our summer learning program adds to these activities by including field trips to local attractions like beaches, the USM Planetarium, a local farm, or a ferry ride across Casco Bay.

O ur programs are offered to children, grade 3 through grade 8, regardless of the nationality, ethnicity, or religion.

For more information, please contact us at 207-854-9700.



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The Intercultural Community Center supports and improves the lives of immigrants by providing health, social and educational opportunities.

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